AXA Assistance Germany – Testimonials home & travel services

AXA Assistance creates added value for their customers. They have a wide range of assistance services.  Cyber ​​Protect offers technical, legal and financial assistance if something goes wrong on the internet. Travel assistance is another innovative app from AXA Assistance that assists travelers.


Providing a personal explanation of the “Home” and “Travel” services.


We realized 2 testimonials with personal stories that clearly highlight the added value of the offer. Martin tells how his daughter and family were helped by AXA Assistance after their daughter was cyber bullied. Marie explains how her daughter can travel safely despite health problems thanks to the support of AXA Assistance and their innovative app that assists travelers. In addition to the original German version, we also made an English adaptation.

Sound: Dimitri Vangoidsenhoven
Gaffer: Patrick Haegeman
Make up artist: Luna Vidal


AXA Assistance Germany