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Explainer video

An explainer video is a short, animated video that focuses on explaining a business idea in a simple, engaging and immersive way. The concise language and attractive image animation quickly draw the viewer’s attention. It’s like an elevator pitch for the video age. It explains what a company offers, how it can help its customers with a problem or why its product or service is the best option in the market. Avatar Media creates custom explainer videos with tailormade animations based on drawings and sketches made by our graphic team.

Corporate / Product video

Thanks to the online possibilities and the rise of social media, video is an increasingly important part of marketing and communication. We ensure that your message is cast in an attractive visual story that matches your image. We produce corporate, presentation and product videos for both internal and external communication. And always with the highest regard for authentic storytelling.

Campaign video

Contemporary campaigns have a digital component that is becoming increasingly important. And video is an essential part of this because with the right images the viewer is immediately involved in a story and encouraged to fully participate. We love to come up with attractive targeted digital content for any organization or brand. And we choose the genre carefully to achieve that goal. Our track record of producing outstanding campaign videos is a testament to our expertise.

Oxfam campagnevideo trailwalker
Stevie tv pub


You want your message to sink in. A well-made and original ad will help, because it ensures brand awareness and image enhancement. Our unique approach to visual content results from years of producing high-quality fiction. We’re confident the commercial we’ll make for you, will hit a soft spot.

Event video

An event requires a lot of work. So why not put in the extra effort by making sure people who weren’t there, don’t need to miss out? You’ll also give those who did attend something to enjoy later on. We’ll make a sparkling report of your event or conference and produce videos that project your message in the style of your company.  Or we can adapt them to the event’s theme, or to the contents of your seminar or product presentation.

AXA Partners event video
Depotwijzer tutorial video

How-to video

Instructions that use photos and text are not always clear because not all the steps can be shown in detail. Instruction videos are a far better alternative for this as they can clearly illustrate what you need to do. Add an explanatory voice-over to your video that provides precise information and you’ve got yourself the perfect tutorial!


A testimonial is a statement from a customer about their positive experience with your product or company. Experiences from other customers can be very powerful and tilt the scales in your favor – especially when your visitor still has doubts. You provide a human connection that evokes trust.

AXA Partners testimonial

Social media video

You are active on social media with your company, but your efforts aren’t bringing in the attention you had hoped for? Then add social media video to your marketing. Social media video content is great for building brand awareness and attracting potential customers. The trick is to break down your narrative into easily digestible snippets that are just long enough to get your viewers hungry for more. If done properly, a higher level of engagement will deepen your connection with your audience.

Social media vlog

A growing amount of companies are vlogging nowadays. Questions from the target group are often answered by means of a look behind the scenes. Content comes in all shapes and sizes nowadays, but visual content is proving to be increasingly popular. It is a very direct way of providing and distributing information, so it is completely in line with viewers’ behavior. Thanks to vlogs, you can give a more accurate idea of who you are as a company and what it is you do. Avatar Media provides you with all the ideas you need for content and we also help with the editing of the videos you made yourself with your smartphone. This way you can easily create content with a high production value.


A picture paints a thousand words. And those images don’t always have to move. A good idea elaborated in a catchy photo can also be the attention-grabber you are looking for. And our background in visual media allows us to make a difference. We think in images and that is why we are happy to realize your campaign image or product photo.