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Video strategy

Hero - Hub - Help

Your video content campaign can be divided into three categories. In order to be effective, you may want to consider targeting all three areas and create an ongoing campaign.

Hero content

Hero content is the kind of video that really makes you happy as a marketer. It’s all about making the kind of statement that has everyone talking. Think of big campaigns that create a large impact and get people to take notice of your brand.To generate this level of exposure, the largest portion of your budget will be allocated to hero content. It’s well worth considering, providing it gets your message across to an audience that enjoys what it sees.

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Hub content

Hub content is ideal for customer engagement. It is published regularly and at fixed times. It is the fixture in the 3H mix, the content that makes viewers come back. Think of a recurrent column or a series of online videos. This not only ensures recognisability among the target group, but this kind of content is also a big incentive to regularly come up with fresh video content. As you generate a lot of engagement with compelling hub content, your relationship with your target group will deepen. You are after all not only starting the conversation, you are also keeping in going.

Help content

You might not think of help content as being very exciting, but it’s highly effective as it deals with your customer’s most immediate queries. Think of instruction videos and tips & tricks. Help content is video content that is relevant on a very practical level. You could see it as the silent weapon in your video content strategy, as this type of content addresses the most pressing needs of your target audience. As a result, help content provides more views and visitors than you might think.

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Video creation

Audiovisual storytelling

The power to move

Visual content is very powerful as it can quickly create an emotional hook, making it the most efficient way of getting your story out there. By harnessing the power of video to move, entertain and inspire through storytelling, you have the opportunity to make a lasting impression on the viewer. A spontaneous emotional reaction, such as laughter, sadness or inspiration, is far more effective than a bland marketing message. Visual content therefor offers you the means to develop a deeper relationship with your audience, based on an emotional response.

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Strong stories

Strong stories, creative ideas and engaging messages are at the core of our business. We use them to make attention-grabbing, compelling videos that effectively get your message across.

With a good plan in place, it’s time to shoot, design, chop, draw, model and edit our way to a first cut. We build in opportunities for feedback so when we reach the final cut you’re totally happy with the end result as you see your story come to life.

Creative people

Our family consists of extremely talented directors, producers, video crews, designers, editors and sound engineers – from the young and curious to the established and seasoned – passionate about creating videos that represent the audience they are made for. We are storytellers through and through; constantly adapting to the times while staying true to what sets Avatar Media apart.

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