AXA Partners Germany – Explainer videos tele consultation

AXA Partners Germany offers teleconsultation for travelers. The aim of this digital service is to facilitate access to healthcare for its partners and customers. Teleconsultation can provide help when one has medical questions during a trip.


Clarifying the digital teleconsultation service for the partners and customers of AXA Partners Germany.


We made animated explainer videos explaining what teleconsultation is and how it works. The video also highlights the trump cards for AXA Partners’ business partners and their customers. We realized a B2B and B2C version with content specifically aimed at the target group. In addition to a version for AXA Partners, we also made a version for their partner Albatros.

Graphic design: Kaatigo
German voice over: Julia von Tettenborn


AXA Partners Germany


explainer, animation, product