Meneer Zee – Promo video “Binnenstebuiten”

Mister Zee, a passionate storyteller, brings a universal story in which words are playing pieces in an endless game. “Inside Out” brings dance, music and humor together in a dazzling story for children from 3 to 6 years old.

Bo is a girl who knows very well what is not allowed and what is not. She knows everything about sitting still. And coloring within the lines. Shouting is strictly prohibited and doors must be closed. Tony thinks sitting still is stupid. Noise is much more fun. And doors are for going out. Because outside there is much more room than inside.


Introducing potential interested parties to the atmosphere of the performance.


Creation of a promo product video with a sequence of fragments from the performance to give organizations a good idea of what to expect.


Meneer Zee


product, event