Monumentenwacht – Corporate explainer video

“Monumentenwacht” is a partner in the preservation and management of valuable heritage in Flanders. For them, heritage is more than historic buildings. Their services are part of an integrated heritage approach. This includes not only support for the maintenance of buildings, but also inspections and advice on valuable interiors, movable, sailing and even archaeological heritage.

In 2017 Avatar Media realized a promo video for them that draws attention to their operation in an attractive way. In the meantime, there have been some innovations and an update was needed.


Drawing attention to the renewed operation of Monumentenwacht in an attractive way.


We realized an extension and adaptation of the animated corporate explainer video that we already realized for “Monumentenwacht”. By using a combination of video footage and animation, we are once again highlighting the various aspects of Monumentenwachts’ operation.

Graphic design: Kaatigo
Dutch voice over: Ann Grutman




corporate, explainer, animation, reportage