Oxfam – Trailwalker campaign videos

To promote the Oxfam Trailwalker, Avatar Media realized a parody of the Lord of the Rings films with, among others, Dimitri Leue, Pieter Embrechts and Evelien Bosmans. We made a teaser and reveal video that were distributed online within the 2012 campaign. There is also a more extensive “director’s cut” that you can view here.


Bring the trailwalker to the attention of a large audience and ensure more registrations.


Because the Trailwalker is both an adventure and a challenge, we made the link with the Lord of the Rings movies. We brought this event to the attention in a humorous way. First there was a teaser that made people curious without giving any info. Then came the sequel in which everything became clear. These videos were watched en masse and generated extra attention and registrations.

Director of photography / Steadicam operator: Sven Joukes
Voice over: John Boyle
Agency: MojoMedia


Emolife / Oxfam Solidariteit


campaign, fiction