Provincie Limburg – “Best in Heritage 2018” explainer videos

Every year, The Best in Heritage Conference in Dubrovnik (Croatia) selects 40 projects worldwide to participate in the congress. Those participants are selected from all heritage, conservation and museum projects that received an international award.

Last year, the Provincial Center for Cultural Heritage (PCCE) won the title “Project of Influence 2017 – Imagines” with their WWI commemorative project “Limburg 1914-1918”.

Thanks to this award, they were invited again this year to give a keynote presentation to the new participants to explain their vision on heritage policy.


Ensuring that they could give a dynamic performance in front of an international audience instead of using a classic PowerPoint presentation.


In support of the heritage policy vision, we produced 24 animated explainer videos that could be played during the presentation of the project.

Graphic design: Kaatigo


Provincie Limburg


explainer, animation, campaign