Solidariteit voor het Gezin – Reportage “Diabetes on the run”

“Diabetes on the run” is one of the 24 approved mHealth pilot projects with which Minister De Block wants to test the use of apps in healthcare.

In the context of this project, diabetics themselves monitor their glucose levels, weight and blood pressure with various connected devices and send the results to their diabetes educator via an app. It analyzes the results and provides feedback via video chat or the app itself. In this way, diabetics take their care into their own hands and become more closely involved in their treatment.


Bringing attention to this innovative project.


We realized a promotional video in which we chose to tell the story from the perspective of a patient. In this way you get an authentic story that appeals to you as a viewer much more than if it were told from a purely technical perspective.

Sound: Dimitri Vangoidsenhoven & Thomas Verbruggen


Solidariteit voor het Gezin


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